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Child Aprons :-
IMAM CAP INDUSTRIES is a leading Indian Manufacturer, Supplier and Wholesaler in Delhi,
We Manufacture and Supply all types of Child Apron, at very competitive price.

Elevate Your Child's Creativity and Fun with Stylish Child Aprons
Child aprons are more than just protective wear; they are tools that foster creativity and make learning enjoyable. At [Your Company Name], we specialize in providing high-quality child aprons that prioritize both functionality and style.

Our child aprons are designed with the needs of young artists and learners in mind. Crafted from durable and easy-to-clean materials, they ensure your child stays clean during messy activities while promoting self-expression. Whether you're looking for aprons for art projects, cooking experiments, or messy playtime, our collection caters to diverse needs and ages.

Child aprons are not just clothing; they are a canvas for imagination and discovery. They encourage kids to explore, create, and have fun while keeping messes at bay.

Elevate your child's creative and fun experiences with our premium child aprons. Explore our range today and discover how our stylish and functional aprons can enhance your child's learning journey. With our aprons, your child will not only stay clean but also enjoy the process of discovery and self-expression.

Discount Offer for Uniforms

Place bulk order ( 200 Nods in single design, colour, fabric and get discount of Rs. 2.5% From 25/09/2023 to 31/10/2023

Not :- Sizes may be increase or decrease, 1 inch acording to the patten.
(you can also customize, Size, Design, Colour, Fabric, according to you if you have a bulk order)
Size Chef Coat Hospital Uniform Chef Cap Child Aprons Service Aprons Chef Aprons
S 36 36 H-7/7.5 = W-22/23 H-18 = W-12 H-23 = W-23 H-31 = W-22.5 /23
M 38 38 H-7/7.5 = W-22/23 H-18 = W-12 H-23 = W-23 H-31 = W-22.5 /23
L 40 40 H-7/7.5 = W-22/23 H-18 = W-12 H-23 = W-23 H-31 = W-22.5 /23
XL 42 42 H-7/7.5 = W-22/23 H-18 = W-12 H-23 = W-23 H-31 = W-22.5 /23
XXL 44 44 H-7/7.5 = W-22/23 H-18 = W-12 H-23 = W-23 H-31 = W-22.5 /23