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Indian Flag:
IMAM CAP INDUSTRIES is a leading Indian Manufacturer, Supplier and Wholesaler in Delhi
We Manufacture and Supply all types of Indian Flag, at very competitive price.

Product Details......
Fabric : 100% Polyester, Poly Cotton, 100% Cotton
Fbaric Colour: White, Black, Red, Royal Blue, Navy Blue, Sky Blue, Green, Parrot Green, Golden Yellow, Lemon Yellow, Orange, Mehroon,

Size : S,M,L

The Symbolic Significance of the Indian Flag
The Indian flag, also known as the 'Tiranga' in Hindi, is a symbol of India's rich history, diverse culture, and unwavering spirit. It consists of three horizontal stripes of saffron, white, and green, with a blue Ashoka Chakra (wheel) with 24 spokes in the center.

Each color of the Indian flag holds profound meaning. Saffron represents courage and sacrifice, white symbolizes truth and purity, and green represents growth and fertility. The Ashoka Chakra signifies progress and righteousness.

The Indian flag is not just a piece of cloth; it's a source of pride, unity, and patriotism for millions of Indians. It serves as a constant reminder of the country's struggle for independence and the principles of justice and equality.

Every year on Independence Day (August 15) and Republic Day (January 26), the flag is hoisted with great ceremony and respect across the nation. It's a moment of pride and reflection on India's journey as a sovereign, democratic republic.

The Indian flag is more than just a symbol; it's a representation of the ideals and aspirations of a vibrant and diverse nation, and it continues to inspire generations of Indians to strive for a better future.

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